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  1. Quote Originally Posted by IRserge
    No weight change this week. After sticking with the same diet for 9 weeks i was actually really impressed that i was consistently dropping weight. But now it's finally time for my first tweak. Weights are still climbing in some exersizes, nothing else too significant to report, everything has just been going really well. One odd thing i noticed though is that its easier for me to wake up for morning cardio than it is to wake up for breakfast, and i wake up an hour earlier for cardio.
    I know this was ages ago, but I think I can offer an explanation.

    You sleep in cycles of ~90minutes each, if you wake up in the middle of a cycle it is effectively "wasted". Now then, say you go to bed at 11PM and would normally wake at 7.30AM. This would be 8.5hrs which is 5 full cycles(7.5hrs) + a "wasted" hour. Nw then, if you wake up when you are in a deep sleep you will wake up feeling very groggy for an hr or so, if you wake in accordence to your sleep cycles(ie have 7.5 or 9hrs of sleep) then you will feel les groggy(I actually feel very energetic). If then you woke up @ 6.30 to do the cardio it could explain it, as that would be 7.5hrs of sleep.

    Did that all make sense?

  2. Good progress man.. I am really wanting to see pics I am trying to set a goal for myself.. Right now about 205 13-14%, i am thinking bulk to 230, try to stay 16% at most, then cut to 200ish and 10%..

  3. Really interested in seeing your progress man. Where da pix?

  4. 8 Weeks out

    183.75 this morning, only half a pond from last week. Bobo cut my calories a little bit last week and I'm adding in 2 sessions of morning cardio starting tomorrow. I really hope that does the trick to get rid of the rest of the fat thats on me. I'm really really flat right now and the calorie cut is making me lethargic especially in the gym, this is where all the mental intensity and energy come in. My strength is holding up pretty well except for my back which is starting to get weaker.

  5. New diet sent. Now it starts to REALLY suck.
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  6. haha FINALLY! thats what I wanna hear. THANK YOU!!!

  7. Quote Originally Posted by IRserge
    haha FINALLY! thats what I wanna hear. THANK YOU!!!

  8. Serge is a masochist. He's not happy unless I tell him to do cardio for 3 hours. (and I"m kidding)
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  9. I'd put him on a PSMF, see how he likes that

  10. 7 weeks out (East Coast Bodybuilding)
    8 weeks out (Eastern USA)

    181.25 this morning so 2.5lbs down from last week. I'm actually feeling pretty good at times and not too tired, my flat DB press actually went up 5 ponuds. Uhh, nothing really too much to say, I'm still flat as hell and people have been telling me how much better I look in the gym. I'll probably look a lot leaner once I start tanning. We'll see what next week brings.

  11. 6 weeks out

    180 this morning down 1.25 pounds from last week. My legs, glutes, and midsection are still pretty soft, and I have no good muscle separation. I start tanning tommorrow and I'm praying that a tan will bring out some of the things I'm not seeing. And hopefully the double cardio sessions on Monday and tuesday will do the trick.

  12. I take the muscle separation thing back, I just came back from chest training and holding down onto heavy dumbells brought out the separation in my shoulders, traps, and arms really well.

  13. I see that pre contest dieting has made you a mental patient again.

    You've lost almost 40lbs. I would hope you see something...

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  14. Smile

    I've lost 44 pounds, lol and yeah I am getting kinda delutional. I actually thought I was smelling something baking in my kitchen this morning.
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  15. You've lost a small child.
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  16. lol, I guess thats one way of looking at it.

  17. 5 Weeks out

    Just a hair over 176 this morning, I couldn't believe it, I weigh the same as I did at my show last year but I look a hell of a lot better. I lost 4lbs since last week. Is could be do to a few things, I dropped the creatine and Sesathin in the middle of the week, and I switched from bagels to oatmeal and cottage cheese to fish fillets. I do look better though. My energy sucks and I added in Yohimbe to my EC stack to help with my love handles. I'm getting striations in my lower back which is cool. Training is going great and I officially hate cardio, I just keep reminding myself I ONLY have 5 weeks to go. I'm also not too sure about doing the Eastern USA the week after, I'll do it if I'm happy with my conditioning but I wouldn't want to go onto a stage and venue like that out of shape. Especially going against teens like Adam Reich who placed 3rd in the middle weight class at the teen nationals in July. Check him out

  18. 4 weeks out

    173.75, Down 2.25lbs from last week. I don't think I've weighed this much since 5th grade lol. Bobo allowed me a real cheat meal last Sunday which I took full advantage of. It took me an hour to eat and I was so full afterward I was having a hard time breathing for a few hours but I looked awsome(except for the bloted belly), I had veins comming out all over my arms and some in my chest shoulders and legs. That cheat filled me out nicely and I even woke up full the next morning but was startving once again by the afternoon. My strength is staying consistent but I'm not REALLY pushing it on some exersizes now for fear of injury, Or ill use preventative measures (Belt, knee wraps). I've also been noticing I look the best on Monday night while training chest.

  19. I just bought some calipers today and tested them out. According to them im around 6.2% which confused me. I tryed it out at least 15 times and kept getting the same results. So I'll just give myself the range of 6.2-8.5%.

  20. holy crap...u started mid 20% bf and now 6-8%

    DAMN! u have to post some pics...

  21. I'll post pics from the show as posting pics early just makes me nervous because I analize them too much.

  22. Good call, take a lot of candids too, I don't like "show" piks, but backstage piks are awesome.

  23. BTW how tall are you?

  24. just under 5'8''

  25. did you change your supplemnt stack during this period?!

  26. 3 weeks out

    178!?!? This is definatley wrong. I signed up to a new gym this week and granted I weighed myself w/clothes this morning (the scale is on the gym floor), there is now way I weigh this much, I think the scale is busted. I didn't have any fish left last night so I had the cottage cheese instead and I woke up feeling bloated. I will definatley be sticking to the fish for the remainder of the diet. I think I look better than last week and after we kick out the water in the last week I should, God willing, look pretty solid. And Bobo, if you read this can you please PM me any diet changes that will happen in the comming weeks that you were talking about on the phone a few days ago. Thanks

  27. I'm sorry but what is a PSMF? Good luck at the contest, I plan on going, I even know the promoter for the one in NJ and I am dying to see Phil Heathe at your NY show. Please email me at IRSerge, ttyl.

  28. I dunno what a PSMF is, where did you see that?

  29. Quote Originally Posted by IRserge
    I dunno what a PSMF is, where did you see that?
    Post #69 (meathead's post)

    PSMF = Protein Sparing Modified Fast

    An extremely low carb, low fat, low calories diet. You take enough protein in retain muscle mass and keep carbs and fat as low as humanly possible

  30. irserge, i see that ur only 19 and that means ur probably still in school and probably have a job ect.....let me ask do u keep up with the diet and routine....that is the ONLY thing holding me back right now from signing up, unless the meals are very quick and portable its not possible for me to eat every 2-4 hours. and if u have a job where do u squeez gym time into there?

    thanks in advance


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