better chest development

  1. better chest development

    Been lifting for 7 years..5'10 215 13% bf...any one have any good tips on increasing strength in bench..I hurt my shoulder 2 years ago and developed arthritis in it..I haven't been able to lift as much as I used to and I believe that it had resulted in minimal chest gains...just curious if anyone had any ideas or similar experiences with shoulder injuries

  2. What's your routine looking like now?

  3. I was doing p.h.a.t but I'm taking a break from that...right now I'm doing chest/tri...back/ then a day to work on lagging body parts...I do 2 weeks of heavy weights no more than 6 reps...then I switch to moderate weight no more than 8 reps for 2 weeks then switch to high volume 12-15 reps..then repeat

  4. Looks a little bit like my setup as far as the reps goes. I'm a similar size, 5"11 at 230 with a bum shoulder. Inclines suck for me.

    I kind of hit a plateu myself on bench so I started dropping the weight more often and working on intensity and reps around 10. Then on high rep days I'll go 20 and I started doing drop sets as we'll. Its been helping, but not as much as I would like.

  5. Yea I was benching 325 and I heard my shoulder sucked ha...every since then ive been stuck at 275...yea incline barbell is weak for me..if i go heavier than 205 then my shoulder starts to throb...incline db is ok..I usually get 6 reps with 90lbs. .I'll give your approach a shot..see how it goes..I used to want to just be a bulk monster ha but I'm a cop so now I just want lean gains..but still have decent size

  6. It may help, not sure.
    There some power lifters on there that have pretty sound advice. Maybe they'll chime in.

  7. Thanks man..yea I mixed it in with tonight's chest workout...haven't benched in a few weeks so I burnt out with 185 on bb bench then got 6 reps with 265...not great but happy I got reps usually hurts my shoulder too bad...


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