Foritude training

  1. Foritude training

    Just wondering if anyone has any experience with fortitude training. I saw that David Henry is doing it now instead of dx training. It comes in a $20 e book, so I just wanted to see if anyone else knows anything about it.

  2. Can you post a link? I'm not familiar with it, but like to look into new ideas.

  3. My post count is too low to post links, but I just PM'd you

  4. Like it says in the article, it's counterintuitive (but it works). I'd say it would work for some people with a high level of training already. It's not a program if follow very long or often, but it might help someone push through a plateau.

  5. I'm getting pretty good results with what I'm doing now, so I guess I might look into fortitude training once I start to plateau.



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