Losing Weight with Madcow

  1. Losing Weight with Madcow

    Hi, I started Madcow about a month ago after 4 months of Stronglifts 5x5. I started trying to lose weight when I started with Stronglifts but haven't had any progress. The first couple months of Stronglifts were pretty easy for me this the weight was pretty light. It really has been the last 3 months where my workouts have been more intense. I am 5'10" and weight 206 with 18% BF. I average about 2,500 cals a day but on the weekends I am over 3,000. Anytime I try to bring my calories down more by cutting back, I just end up eating more. I'm sure many have heard this problem before.

    My question is should I be concerned if I am not losing weight if my strength keeps going up?

  2. I would say that you probably don't have to worry too much about it. If your lifts are going up and your bodyweight is staying the same, I'd say it's a win-win. Any time I lose weight, my squat and bench go in the tank.

    As of right now, I'd say stay the course. Perhaps take monthly measurements (arms, chest, waist, legs, whatever you like) or get monthly bodyfat testing to make sure you're on the right track.

    At this early stage of the game, it's possible you could be swapping muscle for fat, or even staying the same body composition wise and only improving technique and the neurological pathways allowing you to recruit more muscle. Only real way to tell is the mirror, the tape measure, and bodyfat testing.
    Training log:

  3. Sounds good, will do. Thank you!

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