Super Sets for muscle building?

  1. Super Sets for muscle building?

    What benefit does super setting play into muscle building? I am about to start a cycle of MSten and want it to be a lean bulk. I was wondering if super setting would be beneficial for this?

  2. It depends:

    If you superset benchpress with Barbell rows it only cuts down on your workout time and you don't get any more muscle gain compared to doing them separatly. However if you superset bench press with flat dumbbell fly's you increase your time under tension on your chest, so theoretically, yes, should see a difference.
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  3. I am just trying to find the use of them in bodybuilding. I will do a chest/back/shoulder on one day all supersets. quad and hamstring superset. and arms supersets.

  4. Supersets are effective. Here is a little article by Poliquin, a well respected source. I commonly superset push exercises with pull exercises and with legs I'll superset quad exercises with ham/glute exercises

  5. Not everything you do in bodybuilding is directly intended to add mass. There are subsidiary goals, which are actually interdependent with adding mass. Increasing strength for example. Adding strength and adding mass are interdependent, you can't really do one without doing the other.

    Another subsidiary goal is improving conditioning. Better conditioning will allow you to do your sets with shorter rest time and better form, & potentially get more and better quality work done in the same amount of time.

    To me that's the biggest benefit of supersets. Since it's about conditioning, you need to choose opposing exercises that allow you to rest one muscle group while working a different one. That allows you give a good effort on each exercise but still up the overall energy demand and so work to increase conditioning. For instance today I did a superset with RDL + leg press. There's a bit of overlap there but it's basically hamstrings vs. quads. You move from one exercise to the other with no rest, performing 1 set at a time.

  6. Supersetting agonist with antagonist is very good idea. Supersetting 2 exercises that works the same muscle group could be a strategy to increase intensity


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