Any experience with MI-40

  1. Any experience with MI-40

    I've been doing DC training and Big Beyond Belief. I am thinking of going back to a more traditional type split. Has anyone used Ben Pakulski's MI-40 Xtreme? I've seen his youtube vids and like most of his training and diet tips.

  2. I think @pete8407 does
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  3. Can you shoot me a pm about your big beyond belief program? Thinking of starting it and have some questions . I have the 6 day template but still not sure about some things

  4. I've used mi40. Its awesome and it works well. One of the best programs you can spend your money on. I havn't pulled the trigger on mi40x yet though.
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  5. Used it. I think BPak takes a lot of stuff that's out there and puts it into a very good program. I took ideas and views from it and applied it to my training regularly. I don't follow his actual routines, I do much more compound stuff, etc. His nutrition and whatnot I do think is mucho bro.
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  6. Machmood - sending pm now.
    Thanks for the replies guys. BPak's split has been a good break from the BBB split I was using. Going to try and implement more of his techniques into my training. I like his clean eating and lost workout carbs recommendations.


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