1. Help!

    So I can't get my damn chest to grow and it's kinda pissin me off!
    I've tried diff training plans diff rep ranges sets weights exercises and nothin really helps.
    I've got a strong bench for my weight at 215 my 1rm is 405 and I consistently press in the mid 300's.
    I need some tips or something.

  2. Sounds like you need more hypertrophic workouts and maybe you just need more caloric intake.

    Check fst-7

  3. Used to have the same problem took an idea from p90x that helped a bit if you combine a press with a fly it'll help alot theres diff ways but I used a weighted vest and did push ups and while coming up did a fly by having something under hand like cardboard or frisbee

  4. Work chest every day. Increase volume.
    Antaeus Labs Rep

  5. Quote Originally Posted by hewhoisripped View Post
    Work chest every day. Increase volume.
    Or eod. Iv done that before.
    Serious Nutrition Solutions Representative

  6. I'd go with them every other day to maybe two days on one day off maybe. But if you're going to do something like that you got to make sure you're keeping your calories up in your nutrients hi to make sure that you don't atrophy of the muscles. Or just run a cycle while you're doing it and that should suffice.

  7. After hitting your heavy reps, do dumbbell work for 20 reps and till failure. Won't drain your CNS and ruin your strength like going to failure with heavy weights does.


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