Hex bar (trap bar, deadlift bar, etc.) suggestions

  1. Hex bar (trap bar, deadlift bar, etc.) suggestions

    I am in the market for a hex bar and wanted to get some suggestions/opinions on a good one that is less than $300. Where did you get yours? Would you recommend a certain site/store?

    I have looked at Rouge, EliteFTS, Amazon,etc. I am getting a little overwhelmed and want to hear from the AM crowd before buying.

  2. eBay

  3. Check out bigger faster stronger

  4. I own a Gerard (Al Gerard-one of the first, but the plate pins are short and it is hard to load over #550-#600)
    to note: some new ones out have differing height handles, plate level and raised a few inches.
    Some are cheaper than others, so depending on how much you are looking to put on it, maybe try and get some feedback.
    I might think a used one would be less $$ and not sure if craigslist would help there!?

  5. EBay... Someone was saying in another thread that you can get one for around $150 or less...

  6. Wow, thanks for the replies guys. I'll check out eBay.

    Anyone else love their bar and want to share where they got it/cost?

  7. Interested to know where you get yours and the cost. I've been thinking of picking one up.

    Just don't wanna get a piece of junk.
    Keep us posted if you find one.

    I'll let you know what I come up with myself.

  8. Things to look for are the handles - raised or not, as well as the side pieces - the longer they are, the more weight to add on them


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