Flu symptoms after leg day?

  1. Flu symptoms after leg day?

    I had a particularly grueling (good!) leg day last night mixed with abs

    Today i ache and have a real muscle aching feeling you get with the flu - never get this with chest etc.(obviously i ache but not in this flu way) and heard others get it too

    Im presuming, as big muscle groups, its been a bit too much for my system>

    Anyone else get similar?

  2. Quite often and also everytime after a heavy back day. In fact I am going through it right now because I am on a particularly grueling routine that I just started up and everything on me is sore in a flu like way.

    For some reason EVERY time I do heavy single arm rows I feel flu like the next day and I have to remind myself that it is going to happen so I don't get in my own head that I am getting sick.

    An extra day of rest usually starts to help it go away faster.

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