Program to maintain

  1. Program to maintain

    So my life is getting more hectic and I can't train as much as I'd like to buy I'm never going to completely stop if I'm not forced to. I'm thinking of doing the following. Two days a week spread out with 3 and 4 days rest respectively. Shrugs, Bench press, military press, t-bar chest supported rows, leg press in that order each for 12x12 with 1 minute breaks. Would this be sufficient to maintain muscle mass until I can resume a more normal training routine?

  2. And would I be able to maybe get away with 8x8 or 10x10?

  3. What kind of time do you have to workout each of the two days? You could just do Upper/Lower once a week if you have a decent chunk of time.
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  4. Did you read this thread by chance?
    how many times do you need to train to maintain muscle

    I mean, if you want to do the routine with the sets and reps you outlined, that is totally up to you, but I have known guys that use a lot of rather abbreviated programs 2 days per week 45 mins- 1 hr (compared to the glossy BB routines) that not only maintain fitness etc. that one has already developed, but they gain on them and quite well in fact. However, it is going to depend on how much focus, effort, consistency and dedication you put in it. Like anything.
    Otherwise, if you are just in need of a break from regular progressive, (trying to keep on gaining etc.) routines and job or other life stresses are getting in the way, a little bit of attention on a handful of work a few times per week, will certainly keep you much closer than no training.

  5. Thanks for the link bro beans that's a good read. I might try that out instead



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