Bench- Pause or No Pause

  1. Bench- Pause or No Pause

    Within the last three weeks, I have started to mix in a competition pause on bench. Just wondering if anyone has any thoughts on it for gaining strength. Strength/endurance is way down but it feels safer.

  2. If you're gonna compete, pause everything. If you're not gonna compete, do it however you want. Touch and go benching doesn't carry over to comp benching as well as pausing, but pausing will carry over to touch and go.
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  3. Yeah, it takes the stretch reflex out of the lift.
    Years ago Brooks Kubik wrote and article on pressing from the pins in his rack and worked up to a drug free #405+.
    I think he may have also worked down to the bottom pins, slowly increasing the ROM.
    I think at most, it would increase your strength off the chest or at the start of the move, and as Herd said, if you are gonna compete, that is probably a pretty big factor.

    As far as safer!? I cannot tell you yes or no, since a dead start at the bottom without staying loaded, does put a lot of strain on the cuff muscles.

  4. Even if you are not a powerlifter and don't necessarily need to pause I think adding in pauses at times can be a great way to change things up for some growth and increased strength. I find in my non-powerlifting clientele that the pause work can increase the efficiency of the movement (cleans up some form), build more muscle (increased TUT), and gives a good mental change.

    If you are a powerlifter I'd question why you aren't already doing them frequently anyways.
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  5. Pausing has a similar (but not exactly the same) effect as box squatting. Removing the strecth reflex forces greater motor unit activation which in turn causes greater CNS adaptation, which aslo how box squats help improve squat strength. Hence, it helps make you a stronger presser.

  6. Without the stretch reflex you will see your strength increase quicker. I have noticed slightly more strain in my rotators when consistently using the pause during training though.

  7. Thanks for all the replays fellas. Currently running 5/3/1 and by safer, I mean that when I do not pause, I can feel a strain that starts near the bicep and runs in the chest when I rep out in the last set. So far when I have paused, I have not. Weird. I had shoulder surgery for a slap tear December of 2012 and have basically been pain free in that shoulder while benching so hoping pause BP doesn't affect it.

    Another reason why I asked is that I may be competing in first meet in April. I consider myself stronger than the average joe but a ***** in the powerlifting world for sure. Only reason I am possibly competing is that I coach a powerlifting club for the school I teach at and one of the students wants to know if he is stronger than me and to help him want to stay motivated to stay eligible and keep out of trouble at school I said that I would compete against him if he has zero f ups. Dam kid is strong, very well could beat me ha! He doesn't know that, All I tell the kids when they ask how much I can lift is "not enough!"


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