pain in my groin ,

  1. pain in my groin ,

    i started doing flexibility and mobility very Intense every day,
    now wheil i am doing this scretch Day 1/3 Squat Cycle: Mobility WOD | Lower Body Mobility i feel pain in my groin not very serious just a little pain but i am afraid that i am still keep doing this exersice bad ,
    so i have 2 questioion ,
    1. what should i do to treat this ? should i stop flexibility for now ?
    2. he says in his video the to flex the glute wheil doing this exersice but wheil i do this i feel uncomportable so i thought maybe i do it too much and i have to give less attetion to the glute in this exersices and flex glute less ?( i feel very good Tensions in my quads without flex the glute and this is the purpose no ?)
    3. my left groin i feel pain too (other kind of pain ) i am sure it has happended to em becuase i tried to do split too fast , what should i do now ? is it over ? (not so much pain but still feel it .
    this is my mobiity flexibility routine,
    now i see that people who do static flexibility before workout can ijnury themself
    so as i see i should do some of the exersices in this video post and some pre right ? so why the hell kelly starret says to do this static scretch before workout ? i am very confuse !
    ty very much
    sory for very very bad english hope u understood

  2. someone ?
    anywa what can i do now for treat the groin pain ? the groin doesnt hurt when i training only when i make scretch in this area

  3. You don't say where in the groin, but it is very common in new routines that involve heavy leg routines if you aren't stretching and using good form. I used to see it all the time with guys I'd train with that played hockey and now of course, crossfit folks.

    Your best course of action, imo, is to rest it (depending on the level of strain 1,2,3) for a few days and then start concentrating on proper stretching and warm up. Ease back in because I used to see when someone would rush back and then get reinjured right away.

  4. ty very much ,
    but if u would read what i said u would see that i started to do mobility and stretch and in my opinion the too much stretch made my groin hurt because i it'snt hurt when i train legs at all
    only when i am stretching ,
    i am training for 2 years never had problem with my form (squat deadlift and more ) never felt pain,
    just started stretch very hard and the pain has come ,
    can i keep training but stop the stretch for now ?
    and do only some easy mobility ?
    should it over ?
    coz the pain is lvl 1 but it just not over !
    ty maN

  5. I read what you said and offered the advice that I know works. If you choose not to take it, maybe find another route or a better idea to help you out.

  6. ok ty ,
    i just thought u didnt understand me coz u said "you aren't stretching "
    anyway should i stop training too or only stop stretching ?
    i just made a workotu today witouth much strething as always and there was no pain at all .

  7. You shouldn't stop either, I just said that you need to rest it. Often people will work through the pain, only to make it worse. Groin injuries won't heal by training through the pain.

  8. ok man ty very much ,
    deload is an option ?
    as i said the pain is lvl 1 and i feel only wheil stretching ,
    can deload be a good option ?
    40% reduce weight and volum ,
    like that the groin stay warm but not train hard . what do u say ? (

  9. can i put ice even after 48 hours?
    i have seen it should help but i am not sure that after 48 hours it's still can help
    maybe after exercises?


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