my bodybuilding desire is got lost

  1. my bodybuilding desire is got lost

    Hey ya'll. so after been traning for 3 years. lost over 60 pounds and gain some reall nice muscle mass. i had dreams became a pro bodybuilder like my brother.
    i got a lot of $hit going in my life at the moment, i'm in a deep deppression. and i really feel like i lost my desire to bodybuilding. i haven't trained for 3 month so far. and i eat what ever i want. mostly junk food. i've gained like 20 pounds of pure fat. not to mention i've lost a lot of muscles i've been working hard to get.
    every day i tell myself i will go to the jym. but it kind of lie to myself. i hope there's some here that knows what i'm talking about and alredy been in that situation and can help me. i will apriciate any inpout.
    also i have this stack (Alphamine - AlphaMAX - Slinsane Original - Forskolin) 2 tubs each. waiting for me but also with all that goodies i still can't keep my mind on the goal.

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  3. Sorry to hear bro. Alot of people find working out actually helps them get out of a funk/get their head clear. But once you're on the unhealthy train, it's really hard to get yourself to get off! I would say to ease back into it, really try to get your diet in check and get yourself back in the routine of working out and eating better. The supps will be there for you once you're back in the groove to really help you get back on track!
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  4. Been there. In fact I did a mini version over xmas, I got LAZY and my steam had gone.

    If you've not tried any test boosters give one a go, Pes erase, low dose make me angry for the gym, and of course pre workouts help.

    However, to get your mind in check, get onto some quality 100mg 5htp at night and some st johns wort in the morning, supplement with L-dopa as this gets depleted by 5htp, you'll be happier in no time and back in the gym

    Maybe go get a new routine too, I always look forward to that or something else 'new' like a new fancy testosterone booster, gym clothes etc. and you'll want to go test them out!

    good luck

  5. Also I forgot to add, you may be down on certain vitamins, so go get yourself an over 50's multivitamin (it has high b6/b12) and low Vit a, and do a bit of a detox. I did these, theyre your 5 a day, greens fruit and veg tablets, feel the world of good.

    I also got some aloe vera colon cleansers, cleared out my gut (you'll need this if you've been eating cr&p), again feeling on top form!

    Do all this and you'll be happy light and full of energy with a love for life

  6. It seems that you may have a little obsession with "Molly"? MDMA has been linked to long term depression.
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  7. Everyone goes through some **** at one time or another. It's part of this game called life. I would suggest getting your diet where it should be, the **** your eating plays a big role in how your going to feel, effect on your energy levels, and general well being. Next I would slowly get back into a workout routine, increasing volume as energy increases. For that hour or so in the gym, mentally block out whatever's going on outside them doors and stay focused on training and getting healthy. Remember, it's easier to get back old muscle lost than it is to gain new muscle. With that in mind, you'll be back to form in no time. Also, you prolly wanna chill with the mollies. They will no doubt slow/stop any progress.

  8. just got back from the gym . i forget how it feels to be after sick workout and drinking my protein with some ice in it. it feels amazing though.

  9. Quote Originally Posted by Pop A Molly View Post
    just got back from the gym . i forget how it feels to be after sick workout and drinking my protein with some ice in it. it feels amazing though.
    I've noticed whenever I get down or depressed, there's normally poor dieting going on that really enhances the ****ty feelings. Ain't nothing like a Pre-wo- Gym- Post shake and supps to get you back on track, o yea, and a good night of sleep.

  10. Just got back in the gym after a little over three weeks off where I had been depressed not eating right and partying to much after finding out my wife wanted a divorce lost like 20lbs I haven't been 170 since I was like 15. Felt good to get back in honestly(probably helped that I jumped back on test, DECA, dbol) and that I'm finally about to start working again.

    Just do it man if not to compete just to be healthy I planned on competing but like you I've got a lot of **** going on so who knows but I still like lifting heavy ****.
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  11. Also if you've been rolling lately (which judging by your sn i would say that's highly probable) get on some melatonin and 5htp and lay off the mollies for awhile let your serotonin levels recover
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