Super Squats - How to gain 30 pounds of muscle in 6 weeks

  1. Super Squats - How to gain 30 pounds of muscle in 6 weeks

    New to the glad I found much information here...

    I tried to look up if this has already been if I missed it....tried to do my homework before asking -

    My question is.....all kinds of guys I train with or know have read Strossen's "Super Squats" book.....its a great book...

    But I really don't know anyone that, after reading it, has actually done the program for 6 weeks....

    Has anyone here actually done his program for six weeks....and what were your results??

    I am gonna guess that you didn't gain 30 pounds of muscle...maybe 30 pounds...but....

    Just wondering if anyone has actually done it....and how'd it work? in the hell can you drink that much milk every day??

  2. Never did this program but 30 lbs of muscle is pretty much impossible in 6 weeks.. No matter how much juice you are on lol.

    30 lbs of mass seems pretty much out of the question for 6 weeks as well. 5 lbs a week would be probably 15000 to 20000 extra calories above maintenance, which I guess would be possible but I think indigestion and stomach problems would end up causing some disruption while eating 5000-6000 cals a day lol.

    30 lbs on squat max is possible though. Smolov jr ran twice might net more than that.

  3. Lol, I'm pretty sure you mean 30 lbs on your squat max. Well hopefully that's what you meant!
    Black Lion Research Rep

  4. 30 pounds in 6 weeks is definitely possible, it's just not gonna be muscle!. Well some muscle....Some

  5. This is only my opinion but, a while back, (70's-80's era) I think a lot of gyms kind of abandoned the idea of free weights and especially the big barbell exercises like the back squat and deadlift.
    Strossen was an old schooler that tapped into the old school mentality of heavy compound exercises and eating enough to be in a gain B weight surplus (or in this case using say milk) and doing the breathing squat. (Sometimes for high reps like 20's.)

    As far as the gain, it is hype somewhat (just like 90% of publications) as far as gaining that much actual "lean" (a really good gain is about 7-10 naturally pounds in a year, which if you don't think that sounds like much try eating 7 pounds of steak) mass, but gains are more so overall BW and strength (especially for the novice) that most trainees in the gyms using machines and isolation exercises, will probably not achieve.

    I have done high rep x15's x20's x25's squatting and deadlifting and it certainly builds some overall muscle thru the legs, hips and back, it also builds your appetite, it builds your work ethic and can add to your ability to get rather uncomfortable.

    Personally, if I was starting someone out or if they were fairly new to lifting or especially BB squatting, I would not start them on a program like that, but more a medium intensity, medium rep/set protocol ie: 3x8-10 2x per week and slowly over time, build up the weight while perfecting their form and other abilities like proper breathing etc. etc. After a cycle/months or so, one can evaluate whether or not they wish to go further into more intricate rep and or progression patterns IMO.

    There are no magic routines. The magic is going to come from the trainee themselves and how hard they are going to want to work at it and depending on goals, determination, focus, frequency and of course genetics are also a factor.



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