Reference Materials for personal training

  1. Reference Materials for personal training

    What are some publications you would recommend as useful reference material for personal training. I plan to get an NASM or ACE certification within the next several months, but atm time & finances are less than favorable. I'm moving soon and have been asked if I'd like to work in a local gym as a trainer (gym-cert by owner) for a time. I've been into fitness for several years & in the last year & 1/2 have take a much more serious interest in it, so I have a decent understanding & knowledge of the practice, certainly enough to benefit a beginning/intermediate lifter. But I am uneasy about working without having a true license yet, and would like some source material to study for the sake of proper vernacular and some additional information. Thanks in advance for any help.

  2. Get certified so that you can get insurance. Then to increase your knowledge attend seminars and conferences and workshops that relate to your interests and the type of clients you work with. If you work with athletes then Mike Boyles seminars are a good start (and also available on DVD).


  3. If you are working under his direction and he is supervised then you should be covered. Id sit down and discus the insurance issue with him and being the owner he should be willing to cover the bases with what he is comfortable with in terms of training and how close to the line you can get without going beyond his merits. Believe it or not there are great links and seminars on YouTube for free by individuals who go out and lecture at seminars. Just stick to the guys you know and within the skills you wish to employ and you really cant go wrong just starting out. Even though its an online source take notes, practice it in person, then figure out ways to modify and prescribe to your clients. Reading and understanding are great but being able to explain and teach to someone else is different. I personally follow alot of NSCA individuals, speakers, and leaders in industry and try to keep up on current case studies being put out by different researchers.

    Best of luck to you and keep us updated with your professional progress. Gains in the gym are great but when mixed with profession....DAMN! lol

    All is just IMO as Im just started out as well
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