Severe lower back injury

  1. Severe lower back injury

    I recently just got back in the gym from a few months off. I was doing farmers carry and had to drop the weight. When picking the weight off the ground I really tweaked my back like never before.

    (I'm 6' 205 lbs. weight was 2 125 dumbbells)

    I am now in bed and it hurts to stand. I am taking anti inflammatory meds and icing when I can. I have a few muscle relaxers on hand. When I lay in bed the pain is close to neutral. It's only when I get up it gets intense.

    My question is has anyone had this happen to them to this degree? What was recovery time and what did you do to help expedite the recovery? Will testosterone and hgh related peptides help the recovery process?

    Thanks peeps

  2. Number 1: See a doctor.

    Number 2: Depending on what the doctor says, it could take weeks, months, or years, but you can make it back. You'll just have to start from scratch, get some PT appointments, the whole 9 yards. I had a similar severe tweak with the same difficulties you're describing. It took me about two months of deadlifting 135-225 before I was back to letting it rip freely in my training, but I spent the better part of four or five months regaining strength lost from not being able to push it before I got to pre-injury status. And that was pretty much best case scenario, some luck, and deciding to strengthen the injured region with the very same movements that caused the injury.

    Number 3: I'm not a doctor.

    Number 4: See a doctor.
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