Carpal Tunnel Surgery..Post-Op Training

  1. Carpal Tunnel Surgery..Post-Op Training

    Hi guys,

    I am scheduled to have bilateral carpal tunnel release done tomorrow. I have had carpal tunnel for a couple of years but it got really bad on my last Test-E cycle, so bad that I was waking up 3-5 times a night. I'm a little worried about being out of the gym for 4-6 weeks...but more worried about losing the integrity of my hand.

    Has anyone had Carpal Tunnel surgery done? How is your grip strength post-op? Can you still do push-ups, dips, presses without pain? How long did you scar remain sensitive?

  2. Sorry I really don't know BUT I have to have carpal tunnel surgery done also so I'd like to know too

  3. I had surgery on Wednesday and it is now Friday. I can grab light objects but have no strength in my fingers at all. The only thing in the gym that bothered me was hands would start to go to sleep. The main issue I had, is sleeping. I would be up 5-6 times a night with throbbing pain. Can't grow if you don't sleep

    I will keep in touch. Supposed to have stitches out next Wednesday. I might do a light leg day on that Friday.

  4. I hope you recover quickly and are able to get back in the gym

  5. Quote Originally Posted by Dirty Dan View Post
    How are you making out bud? Hope all is well and your recovering without any problems. My job accepted my workers comp claim and are going to cover my surgery so I should be going sometime in January to get it done.
    Thanks guys for the support. I am doing well. I can do a full back and leg workout. I can bench the bar and maybe a few 10's on the side. My grip strength is coming back fast, it's just the palm pain that is holding me back on chest stuff.

    This is 5 weeks post op come Christmas. Just hit a 425 deadlift today..with straps though.

    I bought some boxing wraps that I'm going to try and wrap my palm and see if I can do bench with that. The first 3 weeks were super depressing, and I can see my chest and shoulders getting weaker but my back has gotten much bigger lol.

    Good luck Dan! Let us know how it goes



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