injury...strained or pulled glute or ham

  1. injury...strained or pulled glute or ham

    Pulled my hamstring this summer, went away. 2moths later feels like pain in higher, can't do a leg swing, painful to stretch, painful to sit, cannot deadlift or do lunges, basically its killing my workouts... Anyone have advice of what it is and mainly what to do about it?

  2. Any black and blue marks?
    Does doing the "trigger points" in the glutes, maybe low back, hams and quads down thru and around the knees help?
    Does "foam rolling" help?
    A good "magnesium" supplement perhaps!?

  3. foam roller in a bad painful it seems, no black and blue marks...its been ongoing for 2 months... if i stretch it i get up limping. it runs thru the piriformis muscle

  4. Pain 2 months later....See a Pt. Assuming you've Iced, stretched and tried your own strengthening program if the problem is still lingering just go ahead and get it looked at by a professional.

    My guess is that your pelvis has a shift in it, but that just a guess
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