Doug Miller.. Massive PR on Deadlifts....

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  1. I just took a huge dump.
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  2. I would almost rather look at your poop than read this thread T-bone.

  3. I have been blowing it up lately. Good thing I got a brand new toilet.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by Tomahawk88 View Post
    I have been blowing it up lately. Good thing I got a brand new toilet.
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    T-bone@seriousnutritionsolutions .com

  5. this thread is awesome.
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  6. When i seen the words «this thread is awsome» i clicked on it. Now after reading everything from gang wars to some big guy poopin i decide that... frick ya! Im in! o boy

  7. Let's get this one going again

  8. Read through the thread and all I really took out of it is that @tygatyga really improved his deadlift in one year from 315 x4 to I believe 491
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