Day in the life of Kai Greene

  1. Day in the life of Kai Greene

    Kai Greene: A Day in the Life - Part 1/3 HD - YouTube

    has anyone seen this? I stumbled across it last night, and have to say it's really inspirational.
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  2. Yep I watched those. Pretty good documentary. Goes beyond just the gym time and that's pretty cool.
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  3. Awesome Doco. Thanks for the post
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  4. I saw it a few months back and I loved it! Kai's video with George Farah is amazing as well!
    If I live every moment believing, then the chaos in my heart will be a beautiful thing.-
    I am in love, but not in love with someone or something, I am in love with my life. And for the first time, in a long time, everything is inspiring.-

  5. I really like kai a lot, but it takes him forever to try and get a point across
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  6. Seen the documentary 3 nights ago

    Was stunned at his determination, that guy is so smart and street wise, could learn allot from him, underdog of the sport


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