3x/Week Full Body

  1. 3x/Week Full Body

    I'm thinking of switching over to a 3 day per week full body workout for the next 8 weeks in order to change things up, perhaps burn some body fat and build a little more muscle. I've spent the past 18 months doing deadlifts, Squats, push day(bench/SOHP)and pull days (rows, pull ups) in the 5x5 mode and 5/3/1 modes. I've gotten very good results but now want to change things up and was looking to. see what others think. My plan is to incorporate many of the big lifts but stay in the 12-15 range (except deadlifts; my back doesn't like high reps) to keep the heart rate up. Any comments or advice is welcome.

  2. Just finished a couple of weeks of full body work outs. Absolutely loved it.

    I kept the weight a little higher, 8-12 rep range, and mixed the exercises up a lot.

  3. Did you notice any appreciable fat loss?

  4. I kind of did the reverse of you. I'm in week five of my starting strength 5x5, and two months ago I was all about total body, and superset workouts. It all depends on what you're going for as far as if it's a "good idea" or not. In the last five weeks I've had the biggest strength gains that I've ever experienced, but have not seen the same impressive progress in size or cut. (because it's not my focus ATM)
    While I was doing my full body workouts, super sets of a main lift with an accessory, I was getting huge pumps, burning fat, and noticing definition I didn't think I could achieve. At the same time, I was not making much headway on the weights lifted. If that is what you want, build a solid routine and try it for three weeks to see how your body reacts. Then tailor it to your needs.

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