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  1. Cool PalmFist Recovery/PCT/Training LOG

    New log:

    Covering an exhaustive PCT schedule and new training routine. Still undecided on what training program Ill be using for the next 6-12 weeks. Due to a training related injury Ive decided to put all powerlifting on hold for at least 8 weeks. Back is still tore up and I dont wish to have a repeat of the injury so Im avoiding two of the greatest lifts ever designed: the DL and the Squat. Right now Im more concerned on rebuilding my core and successfully completing PCT.

    ON DECK:
    - 100 mcg GnRH (tripto). Pinned this morning
    - Clomid
    - Nolva
    - Exemestane
    - Anavar (low dose 10mg caps)
    - DAA
    - Various other supps including but not limited to, creatine mono, multis, cla, fish oil, NO booster, blah blah blah. This stuff really isnt as important as the SERMs, AIs and test boosters...
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  2. Original idea was to do the tripto shot this morning followed by the others a few days later. I said fck that and took the TRIPTO with 100mg Clomid, 50mg Nolva, 25mg Exem, and the recommended DAA dose with lunch. Ive been feeling tired as fck the last few days and I really dont want to suffer through it anymore. In this instance bigger is probably better, at least initially. After sifting through a metric fck-ton of user logs and research materials on Triptorelin I have come to the conclusion that not a single person has any verifiable data that proves, A) that the shyt the peptide companies are selling is legit B) that it really works as suggested C) that is should/nt be followed up by a traditional pct protocol of serms and ais D) when it should be followed up with regular pct...I feel that the 'rather safe than sorry' euphemism fits well here...Ill be doing the 100 CLO, 50 NOLVA, 25 EXEM for probably three days then taper it down to a more appropriate dosage...
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  3. 1rst
    I don't go lift, I don't go workout, I don't go train....I go get as fwuark!!!!!!!!!

  4. Ha. 2nd for another epic log with NO injuries.
    May I suggest using this app to track your bloodwork tests:
    myBloodTracker for IPhone and IPad

  5. 3rd. w00t - podium position bishes
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  6. New phone's pics are too large in size to load. I wish the mobile app worked right...
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  7. lol wtf was that?
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  8. Solid pct

    .. I woulda shot the trip tho
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  9. Quote Originally Posted by Sean1332 View Post
    lol wtf was that?
    Trying to put up some pics. Gonna have to figure out how to make the file sizes smaller
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  10. Quote Originally Posted by tyga tyga View Post
    Solid pct.. I woulda shot the trip tho
    Oh I did. 100mcg diluted in 50 IUs of bac water. So far nothing noticeable. Was still very lethargic all day. My unit still works fine though so Ill do an experiment with the wife tonight and see whats what
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  11. Anyone watching the new season of Ultimate Fighter? I never really cared for it but the women they have this season are brutal and pretty awesome to watch
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  12. Wuttup mang.. U know I'm in!!

  13. Ill get some pics and a spreadsheet with my pct timing up here later tonight. Figure Ill go do legs now while the wife is studying for her national and states cert exams...
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  14. In brother!

  15. In once again.....

  16. In!!
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  17. 783th

  18. Thank you all for subbing. Ill get at you guys once I figure out this forum app I just installed. On another note the water weight is just melting off. Didnt realize until a week ago how swollen/bloated my face had become from the test. Shrinking down now though, 194 this morning: lowest Ive weighed in probably 4+ months...

    Oh, and the boys are fuller and firmer. Dont really know what to attribute that to, pills or the pin. But I feel good this morning, plenty of energy and lots of libido. Boys are somewhat achey and throbbing. Not sure if this should be normal or if its like what other users have claimed where the Tripto is best used solo and followed up days later with serms rather than used in conjunction with serms. Im gonna ride it out, if it becomes painful Ill cut back on the pills...

    Have a great day gents!
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  19. oh gawd this shyt has me feeling like im going through menopause or some shyt. hot then cold. hot then cold. loss of appetite. hungry as hell. make it stop!!!definitely spreading the doses up throughout the day from now on. took everything at the same time on an empty stomach upon waking this morning and its got me all messed upfcking cancer pills!
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  20. Sooooo....

    I made a big mistake. Anyone taken PNI supps before? Well the thermadex and daa bottles look almost identical and the caps are similar as well. Anyway I took 3 fat burners this morning instead of the daa caps. The bottles were right next to each other and when youre half asleep you probably wont notice the difference just like I didn't. Lesson learned. I threw away the bottle of thermadex, oh well. I DONT WANT TO MAKE THAT MISTAKE EVER AGAIN!!!!!
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  21. 193.8

    granted I didnt eat much yesterday but damn

    headed in the right direction anyway
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  22. It's awesome news that your boys are aching so bad - it means they're pumping heavy iron right now rebuilding their size. Seriously. Doesn't happen the same for everyone, but in general it's not uncommon for pain to be a side-effect of change in testicular size.

    Buddies last cycle was a bigger dose of Sdrol stacked with Epistane for a month (he bought one of those stupid pre-made stacks without even knowing what he was taking) *smh* His boys about disappeared. Got him on some Clomid couple days after he quit, along with an AI & DAA, & he was having terrible aches in about 3 days that lasted for over 2 wks. Said he was rolling with grapefruits afterward tho.
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  23. My nuts are always hurting every now and then. Swear I've gone though puberty at least 4 times now. Glad to see your still at it even with all the setbacks and injuries. Gonna be starting a test e cycle soon so I'll be hitting you up for some info brotha.
    I don't go lift, I don't go workout, I don't go train....I go get as fwuark!!!!!!!!!

  24. Ok then, gentlemen, I have decided on MD Training. Starting tonight with CHEST/SHOULDERS. Weighing in at 193.8 and looking a bit too soft for my taste... Pics and other things coming later tonight
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  25. Im so ashamed right now. Dont want to post noodz right now but Ill do it anyway
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