Exercises need for better posture

  1. Exercises need for better posture

    I was recently told I have a rounded back. After some investigating and really looking it does seem that I slouch when standing and sitting. I have been trying hard to stand straight up as well as sitting. I researched and came to the conclusion that this from weak back muscles, I have been looking up exercises to help correct this. I have came up with face pulls, but I don't know if I should go high reps low weight or low reps high weight a few more sets. I also came up with some yoga poses, one like the prone cobra and there was another. I also had a buddy tell me to stretch my chest. Is there any exercises you guys could recommend for this? Or any ideas on the face pulling dilemma?

  2. Face pulls, rows, chinups. Any good routine with a decent amount of heavy pulls. That and strengthening your core and to a lesser extent, yeah, stretching your chest would help a lot.
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  3. does it hurt when you stand or walk for like 3-5+ hours at a time? it should hurt your shoulders/neck

    but ill try to go into detail without confusing the hell out of you. what you have is called upper crossed syndrome (google it for pics). its basicly just overworked upper traps and chest. so you probly bench press too much. best fixes are to balance posterior and anterior work loads, otherwise a quick fix will just lead to messing up your posture again. you want movements that involves lats, lower traps, and rear delt work. so facepulls, ytw's, barbell rows, reverse flys, lat pulldowns to a certain extent.

    for a long term fix, you need to balance your chest and back workouts. so pick a couple major movements and work them into your routine. good ones are deadlifts, pendlay rows, pull ups, power cleans

    high-ish reps with medium weight for facepulls. its not a strength movement, so focus on the contraction

  4. yeah at work my back begins to hurt like in the middle. And thanks for the advice guys! I do focus on chest way more than anything, back exercises aren't where they should be, I work it hard but its rare that I will get sore like I do to my chest. I will try changing up my routines a bit. I also been super setting my bench press with wide cable rows(light but with high reps) trying to get that stretch

  5. While there is nothing wrong with strengthening the back muscles, what can also be at work is, as one slouches, the back muscles (maybe not necessarily weak) slowly lengthen, as the chest and shoulder muscle shorten from more or less being hunched over or forward. Even the low back will round some if one is slouching.
    You should make a conscious effort to sit and stand up straight to align the body and supportive muscle where they are better for your complete posture. (Probably make you a tad taller too) Over time this new posture will become a habit and the muscles will regain a balance. If you are working and developing the chest, then those muscles will be even more apt to pull your forward if you slouch.
    Simply making the back muscles stronger is a "step" in procedure IMO, and will not necessarily stretch out the shoulders and chest unless you are doing a more complete body of exercises, maybe some stretching of the shoulders etc. and especially just paying attention to the posture when working (at a desk or table or whatever), will make for an overall stronger more upright torso.
    People with poor postures don't necessarily have to lift weights in order to get a better posture. Simply correcting ones posture when you are aware, will go a long way to help balance the muscles.

  6. I was talking to a doctor about it(I went in for something else) and I was asking her about those garments that help with better posture, and she said it would help yes, but would weaken other muscle groups. I have been trying to be more aware of my posture though. Like you said I think thats a big part of it too


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