Time in the Gym

  1. Time in the Gym

    How long do you guys usually stay in the gym for? I feel like I get to the gym and i'm done my routine in 45 minutes.

  2. However long it takes. 1 to 3 hrs. Depending on a bunch of factors. 45 minutes will do for some but some iron vets have such a high threshold for punishment. Like me. Plus the "dont spend over an hour in the gym " is literally the most damaging myth. You start worrying about that **** and your workout will suffer

    At the end of the day you can even build muscle running like a marathon runner for 1 hour after your workout if you eat enough to supply the habbit.
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  3. My work week workouts are 1 to 1/2 just because thats how long it takes to do what I gotta do usually

    My weekend workouts are 2-3 hours.

    We don't workout based on hours... we workout based on what we gotta do...

    like pyro said... just do your routine. it takes however long it takes.
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  4. 1-2 hours. Usually longer if my weightlifting partner is with me.
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  5. I've gone as high as 3 hrs doing Arnold style volume. But right now, I'm doing 531 with two auxiliary rest pause sets and I'm done in 20 minutes.

  6. I'm usually in for about two hours, but that includes cardio. But some days are longer than others as well.

  7. Hour to an hour 20 or so for squats and deads. Im gona keep personal opinions out of this. Try with first intensity and then solid volume and see how long you last. It depends if you're PLing, bodybuilding or just getting healthy too.
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  8. Depends on the day.....if I'm pressed for time I circuit train, if I'm doing back I trybti give atleast 1.5 of allotted time
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  9. I'll generally spend anywhere from 2-3 (even 4!) hours at the gym.

    Between coaching technique (depending on who I train with), warming up/Prehab, ME sets (depending on how many I get that day) and assistance volume I can be there for a while.

  10. I spent a hair over two hours deadlifting today. Normally I get through it in 90 minutes but I had the girlfriend with me today, so a lot of plates needed unracking and reracking.

  11. -Half hour of mobility and warming up
    -1.5 of lifting, longer on max effort days (more warmup sets, longer rest periods)
    -15-30 minutes prehab/mobility
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  12. Depending on the day and phase of training, anywhere from 1-4 hours.
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  13. As a natural lifter 45 minutes to an hour. I don't think a natural lifter could ever benefit from 3 hours in the gym

  14. If we are talking pre and post stuff, it's more like 2-2.5. I don't do mine at the gym everyday, sometimes at home. Actually time spent on working sets... 1-1.5 hours on average.
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  15. 1hr-2hrs depending on the day and how I feel. This includes weight training and cardio.


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