PL -- Road to Domination

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  1. PL -- Road to Domination

    Yeah... I am back.

    Currently training for a competition: December 14th.

    My log starts today on this forum, but has been going on for some time. I will be posting workouts, pictures, videos, and hope to help some of you beginners on my journey and learn from some of you vets. Don't be afraid to chime in, discuss workouts, tactics, training, supplementation or anything that you deem worthy. Lets just not turn this into a flame war... Remember this is my workout journal so lets keep it sensible.

    Alright... lets get started:

    Height: 5'5
    Weight: 198lbs --- Goal 220lbs

    Pictures coming ... momentarily.

    Training: We train very similar to the Westside method
    What we do: 4 days mandatory ...
    Saturday: Deadlifts (Speed) / Legs (max effort)
    Sunday: Upper back (Volume) / Bench (max effort)

    My other 2 days during the week vary but I usually go with Tuesday / Wed
    Tuesday: Chest (volume) / Triceps / accessory work
    Wed: Deadlift variations (max effort) / Squat (speed) / accessory work

    Depending on my soreness or mood I can alternate my Tuesday and Wed... Also I can shift days forward and do Wed and Thursday instead. However I have found Tuesday and Wed work best for me.

    If I go in on other days I can do extra accessory work or personal fulfillment work (like you know... hit those biceps bro.)

    Also, weekdays are the days that I specifically do things I HATE. If you hate it then that means your bad at it... if your bad at it then its a weakness, and that means getting better at it can only improve your lifts. So this is where I do things I hate: Pulling a sled, hyper extensions, abs, glute ham raise, back attack, pull ups... god I hate a lot of things

    Remember we have a lot of variation in our work to prevent accommodation. That being said when we do Bench it could be: Reverse band, resistance band, chains, board press, etc.
    Or squats could be: Safety bar, resistance band, chains, etc.

    Workouts vary from week to week. Follow the thread, ask questions, lets grow.


  2. 8/27/2013

    Standing Shoulder Press 10 sets
    Bend Over Rows 5 sets
    Chest Support rows (heavy) 5x10
    Chest Support Rows (Light) 5x20

    5x20 DB EXT


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  4. 8/28/2013

    Speed Squats 2x8
    Rack Pulls work up to 5RM
    Back Attack 4x10
    Split Squats (one leg squat with DB) 3x10
    Hyper Extension 5x10
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  5. The supplement industry is such a joke, all you people looking for an “edge” and taking pride in being “natural” shelling out hundreds of dollars for a bunch of ****….
    “Natural” compounds employed: Creatine Nitrate, Arginine AKG, L-Arginine-Alpha Ketoglutaric Acid, L-Citrulline-Malic Acid Interfusion, L-Citrulline-Alpha Ketoglutaric Acid, L-Histidine-Alpha Ketoglutaric Acid, NAD (Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide), Gynostemma (90% Gypenosides) (Leaves & Stem), L-Carnitine, Caffeine Anhydrous, Fish Oil, Rhodiola Extract, Yohimbe,Fenugreek Extract, Trans-Resveratrol, Quercetin, Tribulus…
    Okay… yeah WTF? *Cough* Bull**** *Cough* I love how people, including myself at one point of time, shell out hundreds of dollars for this stuff… Cool names though… All natural baby!!!
    Put a bunch of crap in a pill and called it “SHREDDED!!!!”
    I may even throw some four leaf clovers in that bitch and on the ingredients list it as four-clovia-monobya ---- Clinically proven to make you more swulllllll

    Note: I am not saying all products out there are scams or ineffective.

    All that being said. If anyone has a product that actually works and has measurable effects I would love to try it.

    On a side not I trained NATURAL for 6 1/2 years and I mean fully natural. No supplementation, no creatine, no protein powders, no supplements period. Just food and weights.
    MRSupps Muscle Research Athlete

  6. Thursday and Friday... some much needed days of rest. My body is aching. Saturday and Sunday are the hardest and longest most brutal workouts... So I better enjoy it while I can!
    MRSupps Muscle Research Athlete

  7. youre exactly where i want to be stat wise, pictures are beastly....
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  8. Quote Originally Posted by hvactech View Post
    youre exactly where i want to be stat wise, pictures are beastly....
    Thanks bud,
    I will be posted more pics / videos and training log will continue.
    I compete December 14th... So wish me luck!
    MRSupps Muscle Research Athlete

  9. what are going for contest weight?
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  10. Quote Originally Posted by hvactech View Post
    what are going for contest weight?
    Honestly haven't decided... Will decide around November and see where my weight is. 198lbs will more than likely be my contest weight. but maybe 220 (I am leaning towards 220)
    MRSupps Muscle Research Athlete

  11. "What IF" Training

    Ever train and wonder "What If" well this is my What IF guide and how I use those to increase performance, strength, and training morale... Just remember when it comes to training we all have a gas tank... when you are preparing for a big lift or competition what do you have left to put in the tank so you can set a new PR?
    You see if you are always training on a full tank then you have nothing additional to put in... so you have really no room for simple behavioral performance boosts.

    On a regular week I train with several "What IF" factors in Place
    - Training Sore
    - Performing accessory work before main lifts... (notice on Sunday we do max effort bench work, but before that we do mass back work)
    - Training supplement free
    - Training steroid free

    Alright so right there we have 4 "What Ifs" ... What if I were on good supplements, what if I were on the juice, what if I wasn't sore, and what if I went straight to the main lifts... How much of a performance increase will I see?

    You see if you are always training on mass supplements and always training on the juice... then once you get that competition date approaching you have no extra nitrous to put in that tank... If you are training without the juice and can get your lifts up to good numbers... whats gonna happen when you add that nitrous?!? Exactly... sky rocket.
    Another example, as we approach the contest date we focus more on the main lifts and do not perform those accessory lifts before-hand. Similarly right before the meet we take an 5 days off. Deload eat healthy and keep the body fresh... then crush it at the meet.

    My point? Take a look at your personal What IF factors and evaluate your workouts and performance. Ask yourself if you could accomplish what you are lifting NOW, or close to it, without the drugs or the $500 in OTC supplements. See if you can hit that 300lbs bench after doing 20 sets of bench. Or do that 465lbs rack pull after doing speed squats...
    MRSupps Muscle Research Athlete

  12. Leg day.... Gonna be rough and rowdy
    MRSupps Muscle Research Athlete

  13. Sled 3 trips (down and back) heavy
    Glute Ham Raise 3x10
    Hyper Ext with heavy stone 3x5
    DL with resistance band 3x5

    Buffalo Bar Squat work up to a 1RM
    Buffalo Bar 1x10 75% of 1RM

    Front Squat 3x8

    Back attack 3x~10
    MRSupps Muscle Research Athlete

  14. i watched most of your vids, very motivating for me being 5'5" myself.......what kind of diet do you use and as of now are you staying supp free?
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  15. Quote Originally Posted by hvactech View Post
    i watched most of your vids, very motivating for me being 5'5" myself.......what kind of diet do you use and as of now are you staying supp free?
    As of right now I am Anabolic free. Only supps I am using is a pre-workout for the caffeine boost (Don't wanna drink coffee and hey can't go wrong with flavored water with a dose of caffeine)

    As for my Diet.. I don't practice any particular diet. I just eat... and don't buy junk food. Lots of meat (steak, chicken, salmon, and my favorite right now is Tuna salad).

    I am not opposed to supplements, as long as they are effective... despite my rant above, I just get frustrated by the industry and the BS sometimes--okay most the time.

    Am hoping to pick up a descent sponsor here eventually.
    MRSupps Muscle Research Athlete

  16. im on a talapia and lean ground turkey tons of spinach, you seem to stay fairly lean
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  17. Quote Originally Posted by hvactech View Post
    im on a talapia and lean ground turkey tons of spinach, you seem to stay fairly lean
    Yeah I could be better... am a work in progress. I do try to watch what I eat with the occasional cheat meals. Right now my biggest weakness is eating on busy work days... gotta work on that.
    Personally I feel like a lot of people would benefit by just "smart choices" like I am not training for a BodyBuilding contest so I dont need to get down to ridiculously low body fat, and I compete raw (not in gear) so being fat or extra watery does me little good. Therefore I try to stay aesthetically pleasing and just eat smart choices. For me that's steak, chicken, and salmon. I do need to increase my food intake though.
    MRSupps Muscle Research Athlete

  18. Sled rows 3 trips
    Chest Supported rows 5x10
    Rear laterals 5x15
    Bent over row 5x10

    Bench Max Effort
    Worked up to 1RM max with 2 1/2 board. Missed my number
    Bench weight releases 2 sets
    Pin press 2 sets
    Dips 5x10

    Sad I missed my 1RM max. Was hoping to get my competition PR today on 2 board and it just didn't happen. But hey december is still a longggg way away so its all good.
    MRSupps Muscle Research Athlete

  19. 1 cup almond milk + 1 scoop protein powder

    MRSupps Muscle Research Athlete

  20. Quote Originally Posted by kBrown View Post
    1 cup almond milk + 1 scoop protein powder

    What pro are you using
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  21. Quote Originally Posted by hvactech View Post
    What pro are you using
    I just buy the 10lbs bag of Optimum Nutrition Chocolate.

    About to try to make protein pudding tomorrow. Will update on taste and maintainability (yeah its cool to make something once, but will I like it enough to actually incorporate it into the diet).
    MRSupps Muscle Research Athlete

  22. I tried a few scoops into jello pudding and it came out extremely thick
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  23. Sorry they are Blurry I had the HDR on i need to remember to shut that off.

    Anyway. Today I didn't do too much was extremely sore and only went because I have to travel for work Wed and wanted to get out the house and do something productive, get a little pump and not be a lazy bitch (usually today I would be resting)
    4x10 flat
    Incline DB press 4x15
    Pullups 4x10

    Like I said... nothing
    MRSupps Muscle Research Athlete

  24. hey, where is the meet at? we have a PL meet here at my gym on dec 14.....i may try and see what the 165lb class is like...
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