How can I get rid of the "wide hip" look?

  1. How can I get rid of the "wide hip" look?

    I've always been somewhat of a bigger guy but was extremely obese at one point. Ive been working very hard and I'm down to 225. I'm fairly comfortable with the way I look now but I have wide hips. What exercises can I use to widen the area under my chest so I have a straighter look to my body? Any help is appreciated!!
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  2. Lat pulls, pull ups, bent over bar rows, obliques, pullovers, and more cardio to trim down the mid section some more.
    Look into Erase Pro to control estrogen and cortisol and further correct the problem.

    Wide hip bones are permanent, but having that shape due to weight problems is a sign of too much estrogen.
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  3. I have the same problem as you.. when i gain fat, the first place it stores is in the lower back and hips. Fortunately i have somewhat wide shoulders. But the best thing to do is really just to cut weight. It will get you rid of your wide hips.. and when you have reached a low bodyfat, you can slowly start bulking focus especially og your shoulders and lats.. those are the muscles that makes you look wider

  4. First off, congrats on the weight loss and good for you...!
    Next, you look pretty darn good to me proportionately, to begin with actually.
    Yes, making the "v" taper working lats and shoulders for more muscularity can certainly create a bigger ratio difference or add to that illusion.
    Lastly, practice being okay with what you might picture as a shortcoming!?, and will free you up to go have fun in the gym and just workout and get into your best shape you can be.

    *All that said, (me personally, since I do not have the widest shoulders) I would still be inclined to work the entire body and especially the lower body legs, back and hips, since those exercises hit the largest of the body's musculature and makes the biggest differences in mass gains, strength and all round better fitness & function. On top of the fact, that the big 5-7 compound exercises powerize the look and muscles of the entire body, making it all look stronger and fit together from head to toe.

  5. I appreciate the kind words. I'm proud of how far I've come but the work never ends. I too think I had a low test/high estrogen issue. Especially when I was much bigger. I'm only 22 but respond very well to test boosters and have used erase pro before along with Anabeta Elite. I'm currently using mass FX black and it seems to be doing good for me. I recently cashed in on the PES insider deal where if you buy a bottle of Anabeta, you get a bottle of Erase. I have yet to order some Forskolin but once I do I will be running two two month cycles with that stack along with some Alphamine. I have a back and bicep workout today so I will be adding some of the suggested exercises to my workout. Thanks!!

  6. Loving the comments so far and great job losing that weight man! These guys got ya going in the right direction so now its back to training for you lol
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