Pain in Shoulders

  1. Pain in Shoulders

    Hey ya'll, there's that pain in my shoulders, started 2 month ago, now at the begining i wasn't thought it's somthing that will last so long, and it still there!
    my left shoulder is hurt like crazy when i'm hitting the gym, also my right shoulder but it's a light pain not as much as the left one, now i haven't had Joint issues before, so i don't know it can be described as a joint health, or it's an injury. what can cause this? i know i should go see the doctor but should i also look into joints health supplments?
    also i'm taking ArA almost one month, and the pain seems go worst when supplmention with ArA, i know some people says when they're on ArA they have DOMS, i don't know what is this mabye it's connected ? please help.

  2. Once i took out extremely heavy presses of my routine, and replaced them with high-rep lateral and rear delt raises, all my shoulder pain subsided.
    Perhaps using less weight on your press for more reps or sets will improve your shoulder situation.

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