Wearing a weight belt for ALL LIFTS?

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    I will sometimes use a belt for *every* lift when I'm injured, it's better than staying home IMO. Maybe I'm one of the guys the OP was on about?
    Nope, just healthy guys that use it for everything regardless

  2. What I imagine most these dudes thinking

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    GM's certainly hit the exertion of my abs and gut stabilizers more and the shear is greater IMO with the weight back on the shoulders as it does not swing in by pivoting at the shoulder. It stays more put while your shoulders ride the weight out over your lower body to some extent since you can only slide the butt back so far.
    The RDL will hit the upper back more since the weight will be more upright a lot of the time staying close to the legs throughout and it might be a bit more user friendly, if you are built for pulling and or are longer limbed and perhaps thinner. I have used #500+ for x5 x6 reps in the RDL, I cannot use no way that much in the GM.
    That all said, I kinda fall in the school of not picking just one, if you don;t have to. Surely pound one harder if your head is in it and you feel better at it, but I am not built for the greatest squat leverages, but still do the GM on occasions to get a different angle/loading for training the PC.
    Yeah that's kind of what I was thinking too. The lever is longer with the GM and fixed as well as you point out, which means you can't sit back as far, which means not as much focus on the hams. However due to the longer lever the torque force is going to be larger, which should mean more stress on the lumbar/core. I do RDLs every week at 315+ but I doubt I'm going to load up a GM that way. I've done a few variations in the past, think I'm going to give it another try to see if I can't work on that lumbar a bit. Never hurts to have a stronger lower back.

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    There's a few guys in my gym that use a belt for literally every lift, and they don't take it off through out their entire session.

    My question is, What are the benefits to this, if any? Has anyone had any success (or failure) with this?

    Any help is much appreciated.
    Not advised, my friend. Their physiques will respond much better without it as far hypertrophy and strength go. I personally never wear a belt (or staps, wraps etc), even when I get down to a 2RM. These individuals that wear a belt all the time are either doing it because they are misinformed or want to look like a "lifter?"


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