Good db workout plans

  1. Good db workout plans

    The company I started working for has a free gym I can go to but the don't have any free bb, only smith, db, and machines. Does anyone know of any good db workout/split I could do to continue to get stronger, bigger, and lean out when needed.

  2. Most typical workout plans can be adapted to include DB's I'm sure.

    As long as there is a progression system, you could get big and strong from lifting bags of sand.

    I would find a plan you like and adapt the exercises to DB's.

  3. Yea man you can incorporate practically any barbell movement into dumbbells. How heavy do they go?

  4. I didn't check. I can't use the gym until I turn 18 anyways which is in like another month and a half. Just wanted to get peoples input on am. And yea thats what I thought I'd do just didn't know if there were any specific routines for db.

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