Exercises to help with truncal obesity

  1. Exercises to help with truncal obesity

    I have a hormone imbalance which led to truncal obesity.

    I've done zumba, aerobics and yoga but the fat on my cheeks, neck, shoulders and chest are so hard to get rid off.

    I'm new to body building and I thought that those exercises such as bench press might help.

    Are there any more exercises you could recommend?

  2. Sprint intervals, stationary bike intervals, HIIT. Train with INTENSITY.

    Intermittent fasting (eat stop eat by Pilon or Martin's 16/8 protocol).

    Get your diet really nailed down too. If you have questions about diet go to the nutrition subform and you'll get some help.
    Training log:


  3. ^^this...

  4. I guess I was right in asking. I thought lifting weights would help. Will try research those. Thank you!

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