Changing reps, from 6 to 10

  1. Changing reps, from 6 to 10

    Joints are killing me at 6 reps, time to lighten up. I will be going to 10 reps, how to I adjust my weight for instance if I am deadlifting 315x6 what should my weight be for 10 reps?

  2. Well, you could start with your warmups, (say #135) and work up to a 10-12 rep weight, no!?!?
    Since some peoples ratios vary some on low to high rep ratios and might have to do some with certain twitch fibers.
    What joint(s) is it?
    How old are you?
    How frequent are you lifting?
    Are you using any supps for the joints?

  3. using a rough 1RM calculator puts it at around 275lbs but thats just a guess. You may need to start lighter and build up. Adding 4 more reps may take more effort at the beginning.

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