Goal is hypertrophy. Currently on test e and eq @ 600mg/week. will be adding tren e in a few months. eq will continue to rise, test e will decrease.

Just got kind of bored with the usual body split, and think maybe the body needs a change anyways.

so far its:

Chest/Back (switch off every week which muscle I work first). Doing supersets Back followed by chest.
3-4 exercises, rep ranges differ right now using 12-10-8-6.

Thinking a heavy day with squats and deads
some accessory exercise

3 shoulder exercises
3 tri/bi lifts - superset these

Lighter day - more reps less weight
Lunges superset with some leg extensions?
stiff leg deads

If anything, Im really only lagging on my arms.

The chest back superset felt ****ing amazing, as did arms lol.