Sets, Reps, Intensity and Tempo

  1. Sets, Reps, Intensity and Tempo

    Wanted to know if people use the same routine or sets, reps, intensity and tempo for all the body parts. Would your chest workout follow a routine similar to back or any biceps or triceps??
    Whenever I find a new routine or new training ideas, I always tend to imagine that routine for my chest day. I realise that it's wrong, but I find hard matching up the same routine for chest and biceps.
    I was looking to follow Muscle Damage And Growth - (which I posted in a previous thread) but would constant variation of reps and sets for three months work for all different muscle groups?

    I've been training seriously for a few years now. Macros are on check. I just need to look for a new routine since the past years i've realised that training i was doing was not very structured. Any advice would be great. Thanks

  2. Maybe I am wrong, but it seems to me like focusing or thinking about the stuff you are asking, is missing the overall point of the goal of gaining strength and mass.
    I have read Wendler to Rippetoe to McRobert to Steiner to McCallum to Starr and on and on... and I never seem to have read concerns about certain intensities being varied over parts or at least they were never up on the list of top concerns!?
    The prime directive I got from an article written years ago by Stuart McRobert in an Old Ironman, was that adding weight to the big compound 5-7 exercises were the most important thing to focus on and then eating to support that growth and stimulation. For average guys, getting to say 300-400-500 (BP Squat DL)
    When I focused on that, I stopped being a hardgainer and grew stronger and gained overall mass and BW.

    I honestly do not know what your goals are, but I assume you want to add mass and get stronger!? This is the best way bar none I know, on how to do that.
    Focusing on stuff other than that^ is IMO, overthinking the small stuff and thus keeps one focused away from the prime directive of the main goal of adding strength & mass & fitness to the frame/body.

  3. You're right. Thanks, I'm over thinking things and lost sight of big compound exercises, or my main goals. Thanks for the advice

  4. Just to piggy back on what paul said think less about muscles and more about movements. For example, the overhead press is a large multijoint movement that recruits a series of muscles. An external shoulder rotation is a small single joint movement that predominately only works the teres minor and infraspinatus. Both work the shoulder location, but based upon the number and size of muscles and nature of movement you could do a 5 x 3 or even a 1RM on the press, but not not the external rotation.

    So, consider your exercise prescription based upon movement, or range of movements (major movements: presses, pull ups, rows, squats, dead lifts), accessory movements (curls, triceps press, rear delt raises, etc.) and fixator/stabilizer movements (Y's, T's, Facepulls, core, etc.)

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