Thoughts on this Routine?

  1. Thoughts on this Routine?

    Already planning my bulk and I stumbled across this routine.

    Muscle Damage And Growth -

    Would seriously appreciate any advice/comments. Thanks

  2. thats not a routine

  3. ^^ He's right! Not a routine at all, it is a program.

  4. True, I've realised now what the difference is, thanks. . Any thoughts though on this routine?

  5. The order as it is presented seems off. Not so sure I would just jump into doing Negatives right away especially if you have never trained in that format. If you go through the "steps"1-8 and pick out the sets/reps/technique supplied, along with how you want to implement them by muscle group/lift. That will give you a base routine.
    Since a routine is not defined specifically by each technique described, some tweaking will have to be done on your part to see what works. The program has merit definitely just not laid out in a lift specific format. I would look at routines that use the techniques in the article and pick those lifts to use in the routine you make up. Then just follow the sets/reps/rest described.
    IMO you def want to use compound movements in the Negative format. I wouldn't waste time on isolation lift.(ex.Tricep pushdowns) If performed correctly BP/MP will wear them out!!!

    Good luck my friend!!!

  6. Ok thanks man. I had a general idea of what I wanted to do but this article just threw me off a bit. Thanks for the advice.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by Moose45 View Post
    Not so sure I would just jump into doing Negatives right away especially if you have never trained in that format
    I too think, if one uses negatives, it is something for more of an advanced lifter who has had enough heavy lifting under their belts, to have trained longer term the tendons and ligaments that take some of the heavy wear and tear on using these higher loads.
    Negs can be an almost, out of control lift and one should certainly have spotters for one, and know what they are doing and have enough time under the bar to know exactly how to use them.
    One can go extremely far, and get quite close to there potential, using positive multi rep and set routines on the big compounds without needing all that extra stress stuff.

  8. I haven't been a very big fan of Jim's stuff in quite some time. I feel like many other well educated people in our field, his writing and ideas have become sensationalized or "shaking things up" in order to promote and sell his stuff.


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