1. I came back to AM in February after a hiatus that lasted a couple of years. I'm glad that I did. Since then, I've found inspiration in a few logs that has helped me on my quest for fitness. Some of the logs have ended, and some are ongoing. I will post links.

    breezy's training, supplementation, and food log

    (Videos, food, program, overall nice dude.)

    Snag gets FINAFLEXed on Road to Nationals

    (Nutrition, food porn, nudes, dietary expertise, randomness)

    Time to MonteGROW like a Finaflex Freak!


    (This guy transforms quickly)

    Danb's Mountain Dog and everything else log

    (Helluva journey)

    These are some that I frequent most often.

    My question is, where on AM do you frequent that helps your day go better and why?

  2. Cool thread Davey poo :-)

    Your thread is one I frequent for motivation, I'd link more but I'm on my phone. Monte, snags, kleen, AB, wasme, danB, breezy. These are just a few quickly off the top of my head.

    I also get motivated by helping noobs get started. As weird as it sounds I love helping, I want everyone to experience that high that proper training and nutrition delivers.

    I truly feel blessed to be a part of this community.

    Okay enough serious shyt

    Carry on

  3. I don't always post in logs, more like read and learn, but I frequent workout logs in the training and powerman/strongman sub-sections quite often. Have picked up a lot of exercises that I would have never thought to try. Just to name a few:

    Paratroop - Full of winning one liners. Tells it like it is, super supportive, and all around awesome.
    Monty - One word: beast. Picked up a lot of information from his workouts. Monty scoop sized workouts!
    breezy - Crazy volume workouts, very inspiring. Also learning quite a bit reading through his log.
    DW - Super helpful, answers all ?'s. Also makes bomb protein pancakes.
    Huggy - Doesn't log much but dude is a straight up beast, motivator, & homeboy.
    Runnerschick - Badass chica. Always so positive.
    ZiR - Always learn something new from his posts in the training forum.
    Crew - Posts awesome tunes, super hard working, and hilarious.
    Mack - Awesome dude. Crazy physique!
    DJ - Makes top notch videos. Always entertaining in and out of the gym.

    That's it for now, I think...

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