Results from the bulk (maxouts)

  1. Results from the bulk (maxouts)


    Power clean:235


    Dead lift: 485

    Felt great about these numbers

  2. May I ask why your Deadlift is so Low compared to your Squat. Old injury perhaps?
    Have a good day!!!

  3. I tore my acl in highschool and I just have a mental block from lifting it for some reason squats don't scare me anymore but dead lift is still in my head.

  4. Fair enough. Nice lifts though either way.
    Have a good day!!!

  5. Thanks! It's not too great considering my weight but its gonna go up!

  6. Appreciate it!

  7. Quote Originally Posted by wombraider93 View Post
    Thanks! It's not too great considering my weight but its gonna go up!
    Im in the same boat I really like my food haha
    Have a good day!!!

  8. Yeah in dieting right now I just got from the beach and found out someone wanted me to wrestle for them so I gotta get back down to my weight class :0

  9. Awesome man what you weigh right now and what you shooting for.
    Have a good day!!!

  10. 315 I'm gonna be 275 or 280

  11. Damn your a big Ol boy I just wanna get up to 240 and fairly lean haha but im only 5'7" so long way to go haha.
    Have a good day!!!

  12. That sum nice lifts mate I'm in the same boat I tore my left pec 6 years ago and it stops me going higher then 405lb I can do more but worried I'd tear it again took me 6months to get tidy strength in my lifts I think screw it 405 lb is more than enough to build muscle keep up the good work fella

  13. Yeah I'm 6'5 too it's difficult to lose lol I hate diets

  14. Yeah me to I lost over 100+ a few years back just being insanely strict with my diet and now even looking at chicken and rice if its not covered in gravy pisses me off but I really need to drop some fat just haven't found my balls yet haha.
    Have a good day!!!

  15. Nice what was your diet and exercise?

  16. I followed a very strict diet like Body building Prep

    4 whole Eggs/ 8 Egg Whites Large
    1 cup Oatmeal with Splenda
    I 1 cup Coffee
    Multi Vitamin

    Protein Shake 45g Protein
    1/2 Cup Oatmeal

    12oz Fish
    1 cup Steamed Brocolli

    Pre workout
    Protein Shake 20g
    4oz White Potato

    Post workout
    Protein Shake 40g
    8oz White Potato

    12oz Chicken or Steak
    1 cup Vegetables

    Had one cheat meal a week.

    Trained for strength 3 times a week Following a simple...

    Monday- Am 45min walk PM Squat
    Tue-45 min walk
    Wednesday- AM 45 min walk PM Bench
    Thursday-45min Walk
    Friday- AM 45 min walk PM Deadlift
    Saturday- 45 min walk
    Sunday- relax
    Have a good day!!!

  17. What did you lose a week? 1-2? 2-4?

  18. I took me 6 1/2 months to lose from 255 to 165. So what ever that comes out to but mind you I was only 13 at the time but none the less went from a 53in waist to 34"
    Have a good day!!!

  19. Wow that's crazy! Once I actually get to the college it will be easier


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