In dire need!

  1. In dire need!

    So I have been working out for two years .... I dont think I am doing this right! I hardly see results and I am sick of being the BIG GUY! I would like to shred and get major toned! Unfortunately for me.. It's really easy to put on mass! I can gain muscle mass or fat really quickly ... But no matter what I do I just can't cut!!

    I have searched things .. And everyone says do the HIIT training ... But idk what that actually means. I have tried the Palio diet! Watched my carbs! I am watching my calorie intake and everything!

    I just want to be the best looking man I know I can be!

    Can anyone help me!?? Please!!!!!

  2. Well first off, slow down.

    Everybody wants to be ripped and shredded but the old cliche "marathon not a sprint" couldn't be more accurate. Make small reasonable goals that eventually add up to a major goal (hopefully one more specific than "ripped".)

    HIIT is short for high intensity interval training. Just type that into Google and you will have plenty of good stuff to read.

    Good luck.

  3. What's your diet like? Do you weigh/measure your food? Do you know exactly how many calories you consume? What about how many carbs/protein/fat? What's your exact training protocol? Are you a binge drinker? Do you have any medical conditions? Do you use any nicotine products? How much do you sleep?

    Isolate the variables
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