Abs and resting

  1. Abs and resting

    I basically work my abs 5 days a week.....cardio six days a week, biceps 3 times a week, and chest and back 3 times a week. I have a ton of football injuries to my legs which Is why I don't lift with them anymore.....I've been told That working the same groups over and over is bad......but I see a lot of good results .......is 1 rest day enough?

  2. Toooooo much! Give your body a rest.....
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  3. Do u think the results will be better if I mix in another routine to rest the current muscle groups I repetitively hit.

  4. No, look into a 3-4 day routine....why are you working your muscles so frequently?
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  5. I was 325 lbs...currently 217 ...goal is 205......looking at my results and being able to see my abs has prompted me to work even harder.....was just curious that If I rest more , if the muscles would build faster.

  6. I never train abs... Abs are made in the kitchen
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  7. The mistake you are making is not training your legs.

  8. I have torn both acls multiple times and have had a couple ankle surgeries .....I have very little cartilage left which is why I'm scared to train them .....u think safe ok to start ?

  9. With good technique and good programming, yes.

  10. Ok....I'm gonna give it a shot ...I'll of course start slow

  11. You could even see results with one day a week. Abs are involved in more exercises than you think

  12. Thank u guys....I'll tone down the abs and add some legs ...see what happens .

  13. squats and deads man. no joke. look at my avi. im not bragging because im nowhere close to alot of guys on here, but that was before a cut and i dont even workout abs. IF i do ab work, its without any weights.
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