Trying to get more cut up, suggestions?

  1. Trying to get more cut up, suggestions?

    hey everyone

    so im looking to start cutting up. ever since i started lifting on a consistent basis 3 years ago, i have always been able to pack on the pounds and bulk very well, but my friend who i worked out with was never interested in cutting, only bulking. i have read through a lot of forums, and tried many different workouts, i haven't been able to find the right lifts that give me the results i wanted

    im wondering if anyone could share some knowledge, and give me some workouts that will help me with cutting up.

  2. Have you ever looked into HIIT (high intensity interval training)?

  3. Your workouts wont promote weight loss without proper nutrition. Whats your TDEE
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  4. biggest difference between bulking and cutting is diet. you can lose weight while implementing routines designed for bulking (like 5x5 or p.h.a.t.) if you know how to manipulate your diet

    its actually usually suggested to do a strength routine for weight loss because it will provide the proper stimulus to maintain your strength while losing weight. u got to kow ho to control your ego though, and be ready to stall your lifts for 2 months

  5. thanks everyone.

    Yes, i have looked into HITT, i tried it out for quite some time and wasn't a fan of it. i had to switch gyms and the place just did not get me motivated to workout.

    also, i've decided to take in 2000-4000 clean calories daily (depending on work schedule, i dont always have time to get in my 4-5 meals a day so i just snack)

  6. Thats a huge calorie gap, you will struggle meeting your goals that way
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  7. yea whats up with the varience. dont think of it as having to eat 5 meals a day. think of it as a daily mission. you will eat x amount of calories every day, no more and no less. whether it means 10 small meals or 1 big meal, do it

  8. i would rather aim for 4000, but working only a 5 hour shift yesterday that clearly wasnt going to happen. i'll try and keep it lower i think 3000 is a more reasonable goal at this point in my life

  9. When you say "3000" calories, what exactly are you eating that makes those up? Not all calories are created equal my friend.
    Go hard. Go heavy. Never stop.

  10. Quote Originally Posted by xxZer0xx View Post
    i would rather aim for 4000, but working only a 5 hour shift yesterday that clearly wasnt going to happen. i'll try and keep it lower i think 3000 is a more reasonable goal at this point in my life
    If you are trying to "cut up" at 4k cals then you must be a pretty big dude....
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  11. my metabolism is freakishly fast when im training, i've always been heavier even before i picked up a weight and was just playing basketball 11/12 months. before i started training i was 185 and gained 15 pounds in 3 months lifting 6 times a week. 3 years later i am at 234 and my lifts are stronger than they have ever been. but i have annoying "baby fat" i should probably add in that i just picked up a bottle of OEP Friday (take first pill at 8am, then another at 2, and last one at 8pm) i've taken OEP before they changed their formula and i had great results but i wasn't training 6 times a day

    and for my calories i'm mostly taking in veggies, brown rice or whole wheat bread, fish, chicken, steak now and then, an avocado every morning along with 2 steel cut oat granola bars (sometimes i throw in eggs (3 egg whites, 2 whole eggs) with spinach and broccoli) i only drink water and then snack on whatever i can at times (yogurt covered pretzels, fruit 2 tablespoons of peanut butter) and a protein shake every day post workout (Pro Complex, 260 calories a serving 2 scoops is one) im trying to keep it as clean as possible

  12. The first thing I would do is start keeping a more detailed journal or log of what you're actually eating. Then from there, just start cutting back on the amount of food you're taking in at the rate of about -300 cal per week until you get to a point where you're noticeably leaning out. Keep your protein pretty high (.75-1g per lb bodyweight) and you shouldn't have any problem holding onto that muscle you've worked for.

    Good luck, man!
    Go hard. Go heavy. Never stop.

  13. Nutrition and cardio and HIIT training will get u cut ....this coming from a former fat guy works .


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