Will progression on front squats transfer to back squats?

  1. Will progression on front squats transfer to back squats?

    I can not back squat right now, so I've jut been doing from squats. I have a pec tear, that still needs to heal. I'm at the point where I can do light bench presses, but when I put a bar on my back to back squat, I can feel my pecs getting hot and it's not comfortable at all. I've always had to have a wide grip on the back squat and I've never been able to do a low bar squat, I lack the flexibility. My question is, if I just front squat for months, without back squatting, how much of that strength with transfer over to back squats? I know obviously a front squat is harder to go heavy on than on back squats.

  2. IMO, it's a good alternative, but it IS different. The front squat hits your core and legs from a different angle, so your back squat will prob not be as strong by the time you get back to it. Be sure to keep incorporating other accessory work.
    Lunges, ham curls, etc etc. have you tried the safety bars? Lets you work back squats without the seemingly painful grip?

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  4. Minimal carryover because hams/glutes aren't involved in the front squat as much as when back squatting. They're involved, just not as much.

    I say do them if you're pain free, it's better than nothing...

  5. Quote Originally Posted by OnionKnight View Post
    check this bad mamajama out


    might be exactly what you need
    ^^ yeah dat thingy!!!

  6. It might depend on how advanced, but if you still have room for improvement in a back squat, most likely adding some good weight to the front squat will show some carryover unless you are near you limits on back squat. Which many of us are not.
    Secondly, have you ever worked a trap bar deadlift? It is a good hip, back and leg worker, very user friendly and can pile some heavy weight on. And especially if you stand on some blocks 2"-3" high and get a deeper ROM for leg bending.
    I worked up my 20 rep squats a few years back, by doing 20 rep TBar deads alternating them on differing weeks/w/o's. What about hip belt squats for a bit too? Just sayin'

  7. Ya I would say trap bar deadlifts or safety squat bar. If those aren't an option then front squats might be your best option.

  8. Do lots of stiff legged deadlifts to continue to hammer and develop the posterior chain in order to maintain muscular balance. Front squats can be great, they don't necessarily carry over too well to squats but you'll develop your quad strength and upper back, which is nice. When you return to back squatting you wont have as many issues with rounding your back. Lunges and DB split squats could also be handy (don't recall if you have dumbbells or not).
    Check your form: http://anabolicminds.com/forum/exercise-science/190675-proper-techniques.html
    Log: http://anabolicminds.com/forum/workout-logs/235436-tossing-weight-torobestia.html


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