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this was posted about 2 months ago and, out of boredom and curiosity, I jumped on it immediately.

I wasn't looking to really up my d/l or anything (just came off a cut when I started lol) but was just sick of a split, so I said **** it.

Weight - 180
Height - 6'-0"
Age - 26

Because I was coming off of a cut with a hypertrophy based 4 day split and just wanted to do something fun as intensely as possible, I used lighter weight than what I could for this program. You have to consider the fact that you're doing the same thing 3x a week, therefore, going as heavy as you would one day a week would be wayyyy over doing it. I also made major alterations to the program (cut out TRX entirely) to fit what I wanted to do, but stuck to the 3 days, 4 week routine. The main reason I wanted to give feedback on my altered take of this full body, 3 day a week routine was because of the great results.

Month 1 Layout:

Deadlift (overhand):
Week 1- warmup - 135/185/225 defecit, working - 245x5/245x5/265x3/265x3
Week 2- same as week 1
Week 3- warmup - 135/185/225 defecit, working - 255x4/255x4/285x2/285x2
Week 4- warmup - 135/185/225 defecit, working - 255x2/295x2

Bench/Seated Barbell Shoulder Press (alternated):
Weeks 1 - 4- BP warmup - 135/155/185 (w/ bands), working - 215x6/215x6/215x6/215x6 or SP warmup - bar/80/105, working 115x8/115x8/115x8115x8

Squats (light):
Weeks 1 - 4- warmup- 135/155/185, working - 205x8/205x8/205x8/205x8

Weeks 1 - 4- warmup- bodyweight, working - +35x5/+35x5/+35x5/+35x5

Bi/Tri/Trap Superset:
Weeks 1 - 4- Barbel Curl/Diamond Push-ups/45lb Plate Shrugs - 3 sets

By the end of month 1 I felt fantastic. Because of the intensity of the program I dropped cardio and added more calories than my recommended maintenance level. I've had no issues with recovery. I def gained fat (kinda ruined my cut, but I do that every year lol) but the strength gains in 1 month were well worth it.

During month 2 I upped everything on D/L 10lbs and it was crazy easy. Explosiveness, form, and power were better than ever. I kept BP and SP the same, upped squats 5lbs, and the rest I kept the same. The difficulty of this month didn't come close to matching month 1. Again, by the end of this month I felt great and prob had the best size results in the shortest period of time ever (my girls were digging the size increase of back and traps hard).

I am finishing the first week of my 3rd month today. So far, the deadlifts are a joke (working - 265x5/265x5/285x3/285x3). Even holding back and not eating an ass ton, I KNOW my 1RM has gone up on D/L. Form and explosiveness is better everyday, as well as motivation and enthusiasm to train.

This routine is intense, fun, and obviously effective. There is no doubt in my mind that I'll be starting my fall bulk doing the routine exactly as it's laid out in the article (minus the trx stuff, blah). I can see why this routine would get bashed due to recovery and wearing down your nervous system, but with a good diet and sleep I've had zero issues, only results. If you're looking for something unorthodox and effective, give this a shot. I plan on taking my 405lb pr to 455+ by January once I rearrange the routine.

Thanks for reading, sorry for the length and ramblings haha.