Shoulder Pain

  1. Shoulder Pain

    Have a shoulder issue

    Cannot squat because my right arm will not bend to reach the bar, pain originates at front of the arm just were the delt attaches to the arm.
    I can bench press but not overhead press. Any ideas?

  2. Did it just start happening, or do you remember straining it?

    Perhaps try trigger points & stretches after in the entire arms, chest/pecs & shoulders, both arms, whether or not it is only the one arm.
    Maybe some L-flyes after workout, very light weight ie: not more than #5er for a few sets of 10.

  3. Cool, what can I do instead of squats until my arm heals?

  4. Leg presses
    Dead lifts
    DB deads or like a suitcase pull...
    ie: Trap bar deads (off blocks maybe to get a deeper ROM)
    Do front squats hurt too?

  5. Yeah they do. I tried squatting with the smith machine, used my wrist straps as "handles" so I wouldn't have to reach back, that was ok

  6. I guess moving the grip in and out on the bar does not help much eh?

  7. Safety squat bar...problem solved...

  8. The grip hurts no matter how I move, and a saw Dave Draper's Top Squat and thought about that

  9. Try Bulgarian split squats with dumbells. Looks funny but very effective plus adds stability work for the leg in front

  10. Dumbbell lunges. They kick ass


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