Top Squat

  1. Top Squat

    Has anyone used Dave Draper's Top Squat?

  2. I have not used that one specifically but it is somewhat like a safety squat bar, save for the fact that a ss bar has the weights off set some and give a differing balance and feel of the weight. I also tried the pair of vise grips on the bar as out in front handles, but they are too short, so do not work well for me and my longer arms.

  3. I bought one about a year ago & use it every week. I was a 500# squatter for reps a few years back, but developed arthritis in my shoulders. I had to stop squatting for several years because of the lack of motion in my shoulders. I couldn't grasp the bar like I used to. Now... using the top squat, I can finally squat again. It is very different than normal squatting, but once you get used to it I'm sure you would love it.

  4. Shoulder problems are what got me to thinking about the Top Squat, I'm getting some range of motion back but not enough to handle big loads

  5. There will be some pressure on your shoulders using the top squat. Did you watch the videos on Drappers site for the top squat?



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