Sciatica/Tight Piriformis

  1. Sciatica/Tight Piriformis

    I do a lot of driving for work and spend many hours each day in my car. As a result I've devoloped a tingling pain down my right hip/glute/hamstring and its driving me crazy (pun intended). I'm trying to stretch and foam roll but its been spotty at best. I'm looking for suggestions from you kind folks as how to best remedy this (aside from getting a different job). I've tried changing the seat position but not much luck there either. Should I try to incorporate other exercises at the gym in an effort to possibly alleviate the symptoms? Thanks again.

  2. I'm sure there are some things one can do to improve sitting posture and its effects on your body. Most will include having a pretty open angle between your hips and your torso (around 90 degrees), a supported lower back, upright posture.

    That aside, lets talk about recovery methods to set you on track. I'd begin by foam rolling your hips - IT bands, adductors, hamstrings. Then work the glutes. What you really want for the glutes are balls, either tennis, lacross, or other small, sturdy objects for this method. To see what to do with the ball, refer to this video:

    EDIT: all your sitting can also cause your hip flexors to shorten. You'll want to do stretches for your hip flexors and groin as well.
    Check your form:

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