19, 6'1 , 185 looking for advice

  1. 19, 6'1 , 185 looking for advice

    Hey everyone im 19, 6'1 about 185 looking to make gains , Im in the military so i wake up at about 4 am and work untill 3 pm when would be the best time for me to go to the gym. Also im looking for advice on what supplements i should take right now i take BSN amino x , ******** protein, Pro labs creatine monohydrate, and c4 pre work out , I Just started taking all my supplements since i just got all situated at my new base , i was wondering if you recommend adding the animal pack for vitamins and omegas, also what other supplements could help me get gains.
    -Usually i eat right when i wake up a cup of oatmeal , then at around 7 ill get my breakfast which is i get what i get - fake scrambled eggs, bacon or sausage, french toast or pancakes, potatoes or hashbrowns, then they give us some nutrigrain bars and cerial but i usually dont eat them , i know thats a horrible breakfast but i dont have a choice its either eat that or dont eat untill lunch,
    - for lunch theres not much of an option either you can choose from a turkey,chicken or ham salad , which i dont eat because its loaded with cheese and salad dressing, or a chicken sandwhich or a bagel with cream cheese with water , yogurt , apple usually,
    - for dinner i usually get 2 cups of water , 2 servings of rice, chicken, brocoli, with what ever fruit they have usually grapes.

    Then i go to the gym usually around 7 or 8 for 1- 1.5 hours depending on if i have stuff to do or not

    Gym- my routines right now is chest/triceps, Biceps/shoulders, back/legs/abbs then start over with chest/triceps i am doing 5x5 for my main sets aka bench,shoulder press, squats and then for like triceps i usually do 3x10 same with the smaller workouts for chest and shoulders

    Im just looking for what you guys think i could do with my situation to help me make the gains i want and what i can do to improve my results with the work out and what not ..... thanks for looking

  2. Well IMO, workout when you can and have the most energy left after your workday.
    - Stay focused on more of a single primary goal, as that is much easier to target and maintain and keep simple.
    -Keep consistent and determined and do not overthink little stuff like rep cadence, tut or fiber angles or types.
    -Keep the big 5-7 compound exercises always in the foreground working them first, hard and working around 70%-80% of a 1 rep max load for some multi sets and reps.
    -The more effort you put in on the biggest muscle groups ie: legs, back, hips, shoulders, the more BW and stronger all over you will get.
    (A tree needs to big big and strong at the base in order to hold heavy branches.)
    -Try to do a majority of the work, standing, to help strengthen the core, spine/erectors and load the entire fitness system.
    -Eat and sleep well.

    Have you looked into any written routines, that engage more muscles bigger groups in a single W/O?

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