In need of a new program

  1. In need of a new program

    I am 6ft 180lbs and I just finished a 6 week 5x5 program and I saw many good results. But now I'm in need of a different program. My goal is to just keep putting on weight and help build strength. I'm also on a strict diet. What's a good plan to switch too?

  2. 5/3/1, PHAT
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  3. 5x5 programs can be done as long as you wish so just run the same one again. or as mentioned, 5/3/1 which can be run nearly forever.
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  4. Yeah, man, I'd stick with the 5x5. I alternate between a 5x5 and some higher volume/bodybuilding splits throughout the year, but when I run 5x5 I can typically make consistent progress for at least 8-10 weeks. You might be different, but if you didn't stall and your strength was still climbing I'd say keep with it.

    This is kind of funny, but I've been deloading the last two weeks doing some volume with a 5x20 split and it feels GREAT! Stellar pumps and it's giving my joints a rest from all the heavy pressing and squatting. Lots of light weight, lots of squeezing, but my weight hasn't gone anywhere and it's letting me heal from some recent setbacks. Good luck, bro!
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  5. unless youre squatting 400lbs or more for a 1rm, id stick to 5x5. look into madcows for advanced strength training. its basicly just a full body 5x5 routine that focuses solely on strength movements

    if youre throwing huge numbers already,go to 5/3/1. its a little slower, but can be ran forever and almost always get results

    be careful if you go with phat though. its a pretty intense routine and a lot of people come off injured in a few months. i did it for 4-5 months before i got injured lol. wasnt anything terrible, just injured the rotator a little and. ouldnt push for a month

  6. I'd stop being on a strict diet as well. You need to dirty it up a bit if you want to keep getting bigger and stronger.
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  7. if your calories can support it blow out PHAT for 8 weeks.... I tried it, i loved it... Got stronger, bigger... but i cant do it for more than 8 weeks....

  8. Whats wrong with the 5x5 you were doing? did you stall? if not keep doing it untill you stall, then worry about getting a new routine.


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