Cardio to do while Recovering from surgery

  1. Cardio to do while Recovering from surgery

    I recently had tommy john surgery and I am not able to run/jog or do any other exercises that could cause me to lose balance and fall on my arm. Recently the only cardio I've been able to do is ride a stationary bike and walk on the treadmill. What is some other cardio I can do and stay safe with my surgery?

  2. Be honest I think the bikes all ya need. Just do different modes on it to add a lil jazz. I wouldnt even do the treadmill as its still a higher possibility of an accident than the bike. How far out is recently?
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  3. I think I'm six weeks from surgery. I have on moveable brace and they said the harvest spot from my ankle/calf area is healed enough to start cardio and lower body workouts. I'm excited to start up I've been going crazy.

  4. Ok awesome and wish ya the best in recovery!,

    Now to the real deal Id wear the brace in the gym just so its obvious 2 those around to stay clear of that arm (Ppl love to bump and some close calls just arent worth the setback unless she a model lol) Any stairmaster/elliptical where you can place one hand on and still do your sling glides would help a good bit. Still say the treadmill isnt worth risking but to each their own. Id say the best tool would be a summit variation where you can get away with one hand for balance and allow the legs the work they need. What do you have access to at your gym or clinic?
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  5. Thank you! In my colleges weight room I have access to stationary bikes, and a elliptical. Also I have to wear the brace at all time even while I'm sleeping so It's protected at all times.



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