Seeking training advice!

  1. Seeking training advice!

    So here is my dilemma;

    I am a 21yr old Exercise Science undergrad and I am at my parents house for the summer. My father is seeking a weight loss program but is very limited time wise bc he is a semi truck driver with 10hr night shifts. His diet really is not that bad, I have been able to introduce wholesome real food into his diet. He does drink a boat load of coffee yet and not enough water. I have tried changing this but he says he needs to stay awake. So my question is what exercise should I suggest for him? I would really like to introduce some form of HIIT but it would need to be soft on the joints and simple. My education has done a great job of teaching me how to handle an athlete or a younger person but I need some help with the older, overweight population.
    Any comments would be greatly appreciated guys!

  2. lets start about as easy as he can get, get him a KB and tell him to do at least 100 total reps a day of swings. however the hell he needs to do it, just do 100 reps a day. when he can start doing 50 reps non stop up the weight by at least 15lbs or double the reps.
    you can call me "ozzie" for short.

  3. Great idea! I always forget about KBs. Thanks for the input! His bday is coming up I think I know what I will be getting him now

  4. Would def try to get him off the coffee, especially if he drinks it with sugar and creamer. Find a good energy product maybe, or b vitamins. Also maybe red bull which is the only energy drink i would ever drink but only the 0 carb and cal ones they use caffein and b vitamins.

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