Early morning workout crazies....check in here!

  1. Early morning workout crazies....check in here!

    Well, Im here doing cardio at 3am. Just thought I'd share a thread So my fellow early morning crazies can come for support. I'm solo in my 24hr access gym, and to me it's a badge of honor. No one else is as insane as me this early.

    OK crazies share your reasoning, why you're in here So early, whart supps you're taking, what you're training, anxious maybe a like background.

    I'm here because I commute to work an hour and 40 mins away, prefer cardio in the morning, can't add it to my lifting in afternoon, too much at once. Doing 30 mins xtrainer cardio, reverse mode rocks , had water some amino and a scoop of jack3d.

    Let's rejoice, share stories, and provide support for our fellow early a.m. AMers.

  2. I work out at 5:45 in the morning. I find it gives me good energy throughout the day and then when I'm done with work, I'm free to do what I want. I work 45 minutes away from home so if I were to try to go after work I wouldn't be done til after 7:30. And that would lead to an unhappy wife, and as they say, happy wife, happy life!
    And for a shameless plug, I couldn't do it that early in the morning without the help of my trusty Powermax
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