twice a day training ??

  1. twice a day training ??

    I am currently on a push pull training routine and train in the mornings. and rotate primary compounds on each work out . been doing this for basicly the last 2 months and am gainning in strength and rep vol ume each session . today i was asked ro gi in the evening three times a week to train strongman for a comp later this year. what it would mean would be a training split as follows.
    Mon a.m push milatary/ log bd press chest wide grip press.weighted dips . Triceps all 1 working set useing reat pause. p.m dead lifts full or rack pulls
    Wednes a.m pull. wide grip pull ups rows deadlifts . bicep again all 1 working set with rest pause. p.m log press or axcel press.
    Friday.a.m push chest press wide grip close grip seated milatary press side raises. pm. would be squats leg press hamy training.
    i have done twice a day before and gained well. bit not like this . what do u think . thoughts plae

  2. I use to train 2x day and it worked for me, at least for a while. After it went on for a bit I could see me getting stale or needing a change.

    That said, you mentioned WSM training, are you doing any specifics like flipping tires, dragging, pulling, carrying, stone cradle/lifting?

  3. Those event trainings are to be done on the weekend. today was yoke.and log clean and press. dame i ache ! . am thinking of going for it for a.couple of weeks then back to once aday for two weeks ect but am interested ti know how people coped.and types of gains. the is a local comp in october and kean to enter that

  4. Well, I am from the school, that if you start out without clubbing yourself too hard and work into it, you can bring up the work capacity and ability to recover and make gains. At least for perhaps 6 weeks or so!?
    If you are not working a physical full time job and can afford the time effort, I can see some benefits.

  5. My job is not physical so should be fine. Will adjust diet as i go. i guess if i dont give it a go i will never know. besides i feel like a chamge so will just go for it and see how my body reacts. :-)



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